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A-level psychology revision guide

psychology revisionWant help revising? Would you like to test your knowledge before the exams? Here are the top online resources to help you pass A-level psychology in style.


This is a great place to come for a comprehensive review of all the main areas covered by psychology AS and A-level. There are detailed notes on all areas and revision summaries that you can print out and carry round with you. There are also outlines of famous psychological experiments and tests which you can use to illustrate your points in the exam. Once you feel like you’ve absorbed enough information, have a go practising the sample questions.

Hypnotic World Psychology

This is an interesting site, some of which is subscription only but it does offer some revision content on areas of cognitive, behavioural and developmental psychology amongst others. An interesting extra is the phobia A-Z which includes everything from a fear of washing to a fear of animals.

Revision Notes

Come here for detailed revision notes on the topics covered by your psychology A-level course. The information is presented in a very dry way. It might be good to check these notes against your own to make sure you haven’t missed anything but don’t use them as a substitute for reading original sources and condensing the information yourself. It’s the concentration involved in making your own revision notes which makes it such an effective memory tool.

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Okay, it isn't a revision guide but this online encyclopedia of psychology could come in very useful when you’re revising. You can look at entries by theme or you can use the search box by typing in a term, word or person you’d like to find out more about.

Laughing Out Loud to Good Health

As the name implies, this website is good fun. It explores the idea of emotions and looks at all the different things which contribute to our feelings. It asks good questions like ‘What are the causes of laughter?’ and ‘What is stress?’ Although the information here probably isn’t as relevant to your syllabus as some of the other websites, this is a good place to come to read around the subject and remember why you chose to study psychology in the first place.

Revision World

This website is aimed at providing fun and free revision articles on a range of key subjects. There are discussion themes and competitions alongside the revision materials.