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Practical tips for student parents
As a student parent, you may find university life is tougher than you first thought. Find out how to lighten the load.

Help for young parents
As any parent knows having kids can be both very rewarding and stressful, particularly if you are going it alone. But with the tonnes of useful websites and organisations available, it doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle.

Caring for someone
Find out what support is available for you if you are responsible for caring for a relative or friend who’s suffering from a disability or the effects of old age.

Your rights to be heard at school
As students you have the right to speak out about your education and how your school is run.

Your rights when dealing with children's services
Discover what your rights are when dealing with family courts, social workers or living in care.

Your rights when dealing with the health service
Discover what your rights are when dealing with doctors, receiving treatment or viewing your medical history.

Your rights when dealing with the police and courts
Discover what your rights are when dealing with the police or the legal system.

Criminal records: Who can help?
There is a lot of support available for people with criminal records who want to put their past behind them. Take a look at the following organisations that may be able to help you move on.

Dyslexia and science: an inside view
Anthony Brewer is in his third year of a physics degree at the University of Leicester but after failing his GCSE exams at school, he started working in a factory that made TV aerials and his future did not look quite so exciting.

Dyslexia study tips
Anyone with dyslexia knows that studying can be very frustrating. Follow these study tips to help break down the barriers.

Dyslexic celebrities
Find out which multi-millionaires overcame their learning difficulties to forge successful careers.

Online dyslexia advice
Check out these organisations and websites for advice and support for people with dyslexia.

Advice for life: need someone to talk to?
Whether you’re a school or university student, sometimes personal worries can become overwhelming. Luckily, there is free, confidential advice available for nearly any problem that comes up.

Online help for young people
Can't find what you're looking for on this website? There are loads of places you can go to get the answers. Check out the following links for relevant tips, support and specific information.

Useful links
Visit these websites for more advice on money, accommodation, preparing for university and much more.

Stopping bullying
Bullying doesn’t just start in the school playground, and you can put an end to it wherever and whoever you are. Read on to find out what to do if you’ve got a problem with bullying, and where to go for help.

Care leavers and university
Find out about the range of support available if you’re planning on going to university after leaving care.

Trade unions explained
Find out what trade unions are, how they can help you, and how to join.

Finding out you're pregnant at university
Becoming pregnant at university doesn't mean you'll have to drop out. Find out about what to do and the support that's available.

Where can I go for legal advice?
Having legal trouble but can't afford to see a solicitor? Find out where you can get reliable advice for free.

Expulsion, exclusion and suspension explained
Get the essential facts about when you can be excluded, what happens, and what your rights are.

How to make your new year's resolutions stick
Most new year's resolutions don't last. Find out how to make yours the exception.

Improve your public speaking
Most people are afraid of speaking in front of a group. Improving your skills can help you beat the fear - and there are other benefits, too.

Improving your communication skills
Communication skills are important for everyone. Get some simple tips to help improve yours.

Getting through the Christmas holidays
Christmas doesn't always mean a relaxing break. Find out how to beat stress and make it through to the new year.

Making the most of the holidays
The holidays can slip past quickly - find out how to make the most of them.

Support over the summer
Going home for the summer can mean leaving behind valuable support. Find out how you can get through the break.